A tale told through sword fights and strip tease.

What happens when historical pirates are let loose upon a modern world? They find their old fashioned marauding ways too tame for their blood lust and adopt the ways of the venture capitalist gurus of Corporate America. Live gypsy funk by the castaways Jay Purdy, Sarah Larson, Evan Smoker, Koofreh Umoren & Sexy-Sexy Mike Corso. Played by Cubby Altobelli, Shoshanna Ruth, Kimberlie Cruse, Melissa Bang-Bang Forgione & Christine Fisler. Directed by Jacqueline Ann Holloway.

Anne Bonny and Mary Read face a new and familiar enemy, as infighting over the naming rights to an island threatens to turn ugly. The situation is not improved when a traveling salesman, offering slaves and life insurance, shows up to throw a few more characters in the mix. Our faithful and colorful captain, Calico Jack, takes the new cabin boy under his wing to teach him exactly what it takes to get ahead in the world today; in the form of a sea chantey, of course. And a beautiful, talented & eager hopeful struggles to understand an all too familiar heartbreak - Why will nobody enslave her?!?

Shows will be performed in-the-round aboard Gazela, the oldest wooden Tall Ship still sailing in America. HALF OF ALL PROCEEDS GO TO HER & THE PHILADELPHIA SHIP PRESERVATION GUILD!

~ $15 - $25
~ mature audiences